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Play Winning Checkers

Robert Pike

© 1999, Robert Pike
Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., New York
ISBN 0-8069-3794-7
125 pages

Opening Line: “Although almost everyone has played checkers, which is enjoyed all over the world, nobody knows exactly how old it is or even where this ‘grandaddy of boardgames’ started.”

Table of Contents:

  1. Preface
  2. A Checkers Perspective
  3. Part One: Checkers Terms and Fundamentals
  4. Computerized Checkers and Chinook
  5. Part Two: Strategy and Tactical Considerations
  6. The Greatest Checker Player Ever: Dr. Marion Tinsley
  7. Checker Tournaments
  8. Tournament Scorecard
  9. Answers
  10. The Other Classic Positions and How to Play Them
  11. The Longest Stroke Problem and Solution
  12. Rules of Play and Laws for Standard American Checkers
  13. Variations of the American Standard Game


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