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How to Win at Checkers

Fred Reinfeld

© 1957, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
reprinted by Melvin Powers Wilshire Book Company, North Hollywood, CA
ISBN 0-87980-068-2
184 pages

Opening Line: “To play checkers badly is quite easy; and that is the way most people do play it.”

Table of Contents:

  1. Checker Fundamentals
  2. Winning Checker Tactics
  3. Spectacular Traps in the Opening
  4. How to Get a Good Game in the Opening
    9-13 (Edinburgh) Group
    9-14 (Double Corner) Group
    10-14 (Denny) Group
    10-15 (Kelso) Group
    11-15 Group
    11-16 (Bristol) Group
    12-16 (Dundee) Group
  5. How to Win in the Endgame
  6. How to Draw “Lost” Positions
  1. The Standard Laws of Checkers
  2. Variants of Checkers


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