I write back to a lot of people, but I don’t promise to write back to everybody. If you’re having a problem, I’ll try to help, but there usually isn’t much I can do. Please don’t yell at me. I’m not trying to frustrate or cheat anybody.

If I don’t write back to you, it might be because I get a large number of emails every day and yours might have gotten lost. Sorry about that.

Viruses and Spyware

All of my games are written as Java™ Technology applets. The beauty of applets is that they run in something called a “sandbox” under the supervision of a security manager that your web browser provides. That means that they are isolated from the rest of your computer and subject to strict rules about what they can and cannot do. For example, my games cannot write anything at all to your computer. Here is a link to more information about what applets can and cannot do.


I collect general site statistics such as how many people visit the site and which pages they visit and which games they play, but I do not give this information out. Information about specific users (e.g., email addresses, etc.) is not collected or released. I don’t know what site you visited before you came to mine nor what site you go to after leaving mine.

Source Code

I don’t give out source code, not even to deserving students struggling in the night to get their computer science projects in.


Most games can be licensed for US$200 each. This includes some customization. For example, your own logos or other images can be substituted for the skulls in Nim Skulls. Also, the games are keyed to the web server that they run on so that no one can download and use your investment. If you are interested, please write to me at the address above.


All the games are copyrighted by me, Timothy J. Rogers. This means that the programming is copyrighted. I don’t lay any claim to the copyright on the game of checkers (for example). I copyright my implementation of checkers. I copyright my computer program. Anybody that wants to go to the trouble can write a computer program that plays checkers with a human. But if they take my program and use it without my permission, it’s a violation of the law.