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Pentalpha is more of a puzzle than a game. The rules are a bit arcane. The idea is to move all the gold balls on to intersections or the points of the star (these points are marked by red dots).
It’s that easy?
No, it’s not that easy. You have to move the gold ball over three points on the star (the red points). The first point must be unoccupied. The second point can be occupied or not. The last point (where the moving piece lands) must be unoccupied. All these points have to be next to each other and they have to be along a straight line. You may need to try a couple of times before you get it. If you need to start again, hit the "Reload" button on your browser.

For example, let’s say your first move is like this: Pentalpha move exmple 1

For your second move, you can do this: Pentalpha move example 2

Or this: Pentalpha move example 3

Or even any variation of this: Pentalpha move example 4

But not this: Pentalpha move example 5
because, in this case, the first point is already occupied.