Darkfish games

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Hey, isn’t this Ataxx?
Hush your mouth!
Who moves first?
You do.
How do I play?
Choose a color to start. Drag one of the colored squares one or two squares away. If you drag a square to an adjacent square, you get a duplicate. If you drag it over one more square, your colored square jumps over and leaves a hole where you started. Try it a few times, it’s easier to see than to explain.
How do I attack?
When you plunk your colored square down next to an opponent’s square, their square changes to your color.
How do I win?
The winner is the person who ends up with the most colored squares at the end. If the computer can’t move but there are still empty squares, the computer just assumes that you can take all the empty squares for yourself and so it counts them as yours. The same is true if you can’t move—the computer counts the empty squares as its own.
Does the computer always win?
The computer isn’t vicious. It isn’t strategic. Every time it moves, it just looks for the move that gives it the most squares. I’m sure you can do better than that.